Concert Forecast

The combined concert with the UMaine Band will be held indoors at HHS

20+ Years Members

Frank Bolton
Michael Clark
Pam McGary
David Flemington
Carol Kiesman
Janice Lovely
David McGillicuddy
Penny Nevers
Rod Palmer
Harry Roper
Ellen Williams
Jerry Riley

10+ Years Members

Alrene Bean
Bob Ellis
Mary Miller
Lynn Tweedie
Bruce Glick
Joe Fagnant


Here is the song list for the 2015 Concert Series

Please click on the RED to go to the link to hear the songs for practice.

1 Star Spangled Banner 26 Into the Woods *NEW*
2 God Bless America 27 Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
3 Marches of the Armed Forces 28 September
4 They’re Off 29 Neil Diamond *NEW*
5 The Great Race March 30 Kentucky 1800
6 Music From Wicked 31 On Broadway
7 Ol’ Blue Eyes 32 Caravan
8 Benny Goodman 33 Come Fly With Me
9 St. Louis blues 34 The Blues Brothers Revue *NEW*
10 Jack Tar March *NEW* 35 The Great Highland Pipes
11 But Not For Me 36 Shipping up to Boston
12 Blue Moon ROD 37 A Disney Spectacular *NEW*
13 Circus Days 38 Someone to Watch over me
14 Harlem Nocturne *NEW* GARY 39 Over the Rainbow HOPE
15 Raiders March 40 Downton Abbey *NEW*
16 Pirates of the Caribbean 41 Stardust GARY
17 Tijuana Brass in Concert 42 The Empire Strikes Back *NEW*
18 Mama’s’ and the Papa’s *NEW* 43 More than you know
19 Chicago Pop Legends 44 Route 66
20 Amazing Grace 45 Colonel Bogey *NEW*
21 Best of Journey *NEW* 46 Tribute to Ray Charles
22 In The Mood 47 Southern Folk Rhapsody
23 Thriller 48 St. Thomas
24 American Folk Rhapsody *NEW* 49 Notre Dame Victory March *NEW*
25 Magnificent Seven 50 Clarinet Candy
51 Bride of the Waves *NEW* HUTCH
MF Manhattan Beach *NEW*
Tenth Regiment *NEW* MM Salutation *NEW*
El Capitan *NEW* Father of Victory *NEW*
Stars and Stripes Forever